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Fast Facts:

  • 42 year old family tradition: Her parents owned Uncle Sam's Coney Island in Detroit
  • All products are from her parent's vendors in Detroit
  • Tried and true family recipe!
  • Capitalizing on decades of experience, completely inspected and licensed by the board of health.

CONEY GIRL HOT DOG STAND opened in Monroe Center , the new, beating heart of downtown Grand Rapids in May of 2004. Starting a new business venture in Michigan 's second-largest city has been a carefully planned career step for this former California advertising executive and mother of one. It's also a culinary test of the authentic Coney sauce that is a secret family recipe. Business grew over the course of 2004-2005 and Coney Girl was catering corporate events and adding a new twist to catered sales luncheons by the fall. Still on the streets of Downtown April - November (weather permitting), Jennifer is in the process of pushing for new city ordinances that will allow for stationary vendors such as herself to be in downtown without being subject to harassment by brick & mortar restaurants.